Saturday, December 5, 2009

Man Ana?


Stelah puas memikirkan apekah posting yg sterusnya, akhirnya muncul idea drpd sahabat ana utk ana memperkenalkan diri ana....

The name given is Muhammad Faiz bin Jamaludin...Studying in SMA Al-Khairiah which is not my prefered destination at the first time but after a year, I realized why God has destined me to be in this school..The school, the teachers and my friends give me a glimpse of hope to see a light...A light which gonna assured my safety in this catastrophic world and hereafter..The light is Islam...Although, I am a Muslim since I was born and my parents gave me the best education, from knowledge about ABC's to Maths, from crying to be able to recite the Holy Quran, I can't imagine what was myself going to be without them...but after entering this school, I realized what I've learned during my boyhood will be in vain if I didnt practice it properly...Alhamdulillah...Allah had given me a chance to study in this school, to learn more about myself, about Islam and most importantly about Allah the One and Only God....Fifteen years I've lived in this world..But how many of them I've used for the cause of Allah?...the question remains unanswered..
But now, I think it is the time!!!!

My brothers, my sisters
In Islam
Let's struggle,work and pray
If we are to bring the glory of his day
Look at who we are, look at where we are
And tell me is this how he'd wanted to be
Oh no! Let's bring in back our glory
Let's become whole again
Proud again
Cause I swear with firm belief in our heart
We can bring back the glory of our past....

saje je post ini ditulis dlm b. inggeris, sbgai persediaan utk menghadapi cabaran pd mase hdapan...minta maf la ye klu ada grammar error, kpd sahabat2 sebaye ana, b.i susah wei bile masuk form 4...adakah anda sudah bersedia???....persoalan yg hanya bleh dijawab oleh diri sendiri....hehehe...Posting saya Comment anda...